antidosis antidodsis, 2014, original x-ray printed on handmade japanese kitakata paper, 30.5 x 30.5 cm [enlarge image] Timberline

The part is the whole: each of the two sides which is the whole goes
back over to the other: antidosis twixt a language and a world;
“exchange of a reciprocity of proofs,” whose myth is that of the flood,
when world things climb aboard the book of Noah, ark of the
covenant, through the procession of naming under pressure of the
end of the world that has begun. On the threshold the throbbing of
language where crisscross a world for the being who speaks of it and
the poem of a tongue for a world therein configured, at this divide
stands a subject as in the utopia that finds its metaphor in every
timberline: scene of the crease of the world’s difference through its
figurants, as where forest breaks with field, sea with land; a
timberline path where the border collie roams; said path where
things break together, sand wave, snow meadow, allegorizes the
word thing divide for an utterance wherein the rhythm of their
symphysis is figured. (Dokei de mega ti einai kai kalepon lêphtênai o
topos) ( = Place is regarded as something of great importance but
difficult to grasp [Aristotle, Physics IV, 212a 7; tr. note])

Michel Deguy

Translated from the French by Wilson Baldridge